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    Aspiration separator

    XMXFFL Aspiration separator

    Product characteristics

    ● Air saving
    ● Larger air suction area
    ● Good effect


    XMXFFL series air-suction separator is used to absorb and separate low specific gravity impurities such as crust dust from grains (wheat,maize,barley,oilseeds) ,which can be applied in grain storage,flour milling plant ,rice plant, maize processing plant ,oil plant ,feeding plant ,Alcohol factory etc.

    Performance characteristics
    -Larger air suction area -Air saving -Good effect

    Product details

    Working principle

    Grains into feeding inlet mouth distributed by conical feeder,then sent to air suction duct evenly, under the airflow action, the light miscellaneous particles are absorbed into the separation zone,then flow into centrifugal separator, lightweight materials and fine dust are separated by airflow in separation zone, lightweight materials are exhausted out from discharging mouth , both fine dust and light miscellaneous are absorbed by airflow ,then the clean heavier grains are discharged from outlet .

    Technical specification

    technical data:

    XMXFFL 803-101000-2000230
    XMXFFL 1006-161600-2800300