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    Flour Impact detacher

    XMDBSF Impact detacher


    ● Lower consumption
    ● Smash the materials more temperately
    ● Various mouthed mode,vertical type or suspended type
    ● Axial feeding ,higher productivity

    Application &Advantage

    XMDBSF?impact?detacher?is?used?in?the?follow-up? section?of?flour?milling?workshop,only?used?to??break?endosperm?slices?slightly,?not?smash?germ?and?bran.?and?get?the?fine?flour?from?bran?.?loose?the?materials?before?going?into?screen,?in?this?case?it?can?increase?flour?yield?without?affecting?ash?and?whiteness.

    Machine Details

    Operation mode

    Materials from feeding inlet mouth into rotation body directly got smash force between rotating plate and clamp inter wall.
    6 breaking plates inside clamp can strengthen flour detaching function. Design in Inclined breaking plate can convey materials from feeding mouth to outlet.


    Barrel type structure,supported by side plates at both ends, it can be erected or suspended.,
    Two ends of rotors with 4 breaking plates are equipped with external bearing, rotors can be driving by one basic transmission device or individual transmission device equipped at feeding mouth or outlet.

    Technical specifications

    Technical Data

    ModelProductivity(t/h)Motor speed(rpm)Power(kw)Net W./th>Gross W.ShippingVolume(m3)