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    Gravity stone remover

    XMQS Grading Stone Remover


    ● High efficiency for removing and grading
    ●high efficiency removing
    ●-Best finished product quality
    ● Wide application &Large yield


    XIMAI XMQSgrading stone remover machine can separate pebbles,stones,glass and other high density Impurities efficiently from grain flow, suitable for wheat, durum wheat ,maize,rye,oats,barley and rice and so on ,that can clean the materials efficiently and ensure the quality of final products.

    2 functions for stone removing and grading ,this machine can achieve better performance on the condition of smaller area covered. During operation, the materials shall go two working procedures. 1st procedure is to divide the material flow into heavier section and mixing section,then the mixing section go to next processing procedure directly ,but the heavier materials are going to stone removing procedure to remove those high density impurities as pebbles,metal and glass . Larger production yield : 25Ton/h

    Machine Details

    Technical Specifications

    Technical Data:

    ModelPower(kw)VibratingMotor Main Fan motor Sieve Driving motor Secondary Fan motorProductivity(t/h) Weight(kg)
    XMQS150 AIR0.75x2150.060.5510-281680