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    Vibration Bran Finisher

    XMZDF Vibration bran finisher


    ● Strong Sieve Ability
    ● Screen Replacement Fast
    ● Good Sanitary Conditions


    XIMAI XMZDF series vibrating bran finisher machine for tin wheat is used in the screening of powdery materials and materials that are difficult to handle from ordinary gluten or dust collectors, as well as for ordinary gluten-making machines.

    Performance Characteristics:
    1.Good sanitary conditions - stainless steel version can better meet high standards of food safety.
    2.Low maintenance design - the use of low maintenance design, can reduce maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs;
    3.Screen replacement fast - the use of easy disassemble design, can quickly replace and adjust the entire screen, reduce downtime;
    4.Easy to overhaul - the use of large can flip access door design, easy disassemble, convenient for operators to repair and maintain the equipment.
    5.Strong sieve ability - specially designed vibration device, so that the whole sieve body in high frequency stable vibration can improve the system's screening efficiency and increase production.

    Machine Details

    Technical Specifications

    Technical data:

    ModelCapacity(t/h)power(kw)air suction(m3/min)Weight(kg)Volume(m3)
    XMZDF 501215.554202.3
    XMZDF 62121.51186502.8