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    Wheat peeling cleaning machine

    XMTP Grain surface Remover


    ● Ensure safe and hygiene
    ● Improve the purity of materials
    ● Improve the color and lustre of flour
    ● Longer service life


    XMTP epidermis remover is mainly used to peel off grain skin in flour making processing. The wheat after dampening before flowing into roller mill, it needs to peel off 70% surface skin except ventral canal to get much more cleaner wheat,then go to roller mill to grind,that can reduce more bran reach to the flour,that can reduce bacteria, mycotoxins and heavy metals to improve final product quality

    Performance features:
    1.Reduce bacterial content largely By Interaction between the rotor and the housing to remove the external surface of grains and decrease grains pollution ,and reduce bacterial to 40%~50%
    2.Improve materials purity and quality Remove contaminants from grain surface, improve the purity of materials and ensure reliable quality in line with the legal requirements of food safety and hygiene.
    3.Improve the color and lustre of flour and dough Reduce the bran of flour to improve semolina flour quality; and decrease flour ash to ensure flour and dough in better color and lustre ; also make durum wheat flour more white and productivity.
    4.Reduce wear and tear of follow-up equipment It can remove contaminants on grain surface, reduce the wear degree of subsequent processing equipment, and prolong the service life of grinding rollers.

    Machine Details

    Technical Specifications

    Technical data:

    XMTP 50-165183031200
    XMTP 50-165204531275